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audio3d::SoundManager Class Reference
[Wavepacket 3D Audio Library]

This class manages all 3D sounds. More...

#include <audio3d.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SoundManager (void) throw ()
virtual id_t createListener (void)=0
 creates a listener and provides the ID back.
virtual void updateListener (IN id_t listenerId, IN const point3d_t &position, IN const point3d_t &facing, IN const point3d_t &up)=0
 caller can move the specified listener to the given position and orientation.
virtual bool removeListener (IN id_t listenerId)=0
 remove the listener with the given ID
virtual id_t createSound (IN id_t listenerId, IN const char *filename, IN float baseVolume)=0
 create a sound that can be heard by the given listener
virtual void updateSound (IN id_t soundId, IN const point3d_t &position)=0
 move the specified sound to a new location (cannot change spaces)
virtual bool removeSound (IN id_t soundId)=0
 remove the sound with the given ID
virtual void updateSounds (void)=0
 update all volume and panning levels based on current positions

Static Public Member Functions

static smart_ptr< SoundManagercreate (IN const char *device_name, IN const char *parameters)

Detailed Description

This class manages all 3D sounds.

To use this class:

This class is NOT threadsafe. If you need synchronization, add it in a higher layer. Make sure only one thread ever accesses this object!

Definition at line 82 of file audio3d.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

audio3d::SoundManager::~SoundManager ( void   )  throw () [virtual]

Definition at line 40 of file audio3d.cpp.

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